A Typical Day

Camp begins between 8:45 AM and 9:00 AM and ends between 3:45 PM and 4:00 PM. A typical day will include swim instruction, sports clinics, arts and free play. Each day will begin and end with community gatherings. Camp will provide healthy snacks during the day and campers will be required to bring a (dairy) packed lunch each day.

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Time Activity Details
7:30* Early Care Campers who need to be dropped off early will spend time with our amazing staff members!
8:45 Arrival As kids are dropped off, either by parent, carpool, or bus, informal games will be taking place for the campers to participate in and campers can chat with their friends by the flag pole.
9:00 Mifkad Boker We start off every morning by raising both the American and Israeli flags, singing "Modeh Ani", sharing any special announcements and celebrating campers' birthdays.
9:15 Sports Every week the campers focus on two different sports including soccer, basketball, tennis, softball/kickball, ultimate Frisbee, archery, and of course, plenty of GaGa time.
10:10 Swim Instructional Swim with our certificated instructors
11:05 Teva Teva (nature) is a time for campers to explore the outdoors and learn some scouting skills. Nature walks, hikes, gardening and learning to build a fire are popular activities.
12:00 Lunch Campers bring their lunch and eat together.
12:30 Free play After lunch campers get a chance for free play. This time can be used to finish an art project, sing songs or just to run around a bit after lunch.
1:00 Swim time Free Swim
2:30 Snack After the campers dry off from swim and change into clean clothes, it's time for a healthy snack.
3:00 Arts Campers can participate in painting, crafting, or building during their arts time.
3:30 Siyum L'yom After an exhilarating day, we come back together to lower the flags, go through the lost and found, and getting any last minute announcements.
3:45 Departure Campers are picked up or board the buses to go back home.
4:15-6:00* Aftercare Campers who need to stay late are given the opportunity to unwind with free time in the arts and crafts room, or by playing cards and board games under a tree. Those who still have the energy can play basketball, GaGa, or soccer.

*Early arrival and after care are available for campers. Each option is $50 per week.