A Typical Day

Typical Day Schedule

A daily schedule may look something like the sample below. On the second day of camp, campers choose three electives that they will participate in throughout the entire session. These electives range from sports, to arts, to swimming, to cooking, to ropes course, and much more! Community activities are by bunk and allow campers to participate in camp activities that they might not ordinarily try as electives.

Please note, this is a sample and is subject to change.

Time Activity 2nd-6th Grade Activity 7th-8th Grade Activity פעולה
7:00 AM Wake up Wake Up Hashkama השקמה
7:30 AM Flag Raising Flag Raising Mifkad Boker מפקד בוקר
7:45 AM Breakfast Breakfast Aruchat Boker ארוחת בוקר
8:30 AM Services Services T'filot תפילות
9:15 AM Clean Up Clean Up Nikayon ניקיון
9:45 AM Elective 1 Community Activity 1 Chug 1 חוג 1
10:45 AM Snack / Elective 2 Snack/ Community Activity 2 Chug 2 חוג 2
11:45 AM Elective 3 Community Activity 3 Chug 3 חוג 3
12: 45 PM Lunch Lunch Aruchat Tzoharayim ארוחת צהריים
1:45 PM Rest Period Rest Period Menucha מנוחה
2:30 PM Community Activity 1 Elective 1 Puelah A פעולה א
3:30 PM Snack / Community Activity 2 Snack / Elective 2 Puelah B פעולה ב
4:30 PM Community Activity 3 Elective 3 Peulah C פעולה ג
5:30 PM Free Time Free Time Chofesh חופש
6:15 PM Dinner Dinner Aruchat Erev ארוחת ערב
7:00 PM Flag Lowering & Camp Song Flag Lowering & Camp Song Siyum & Mifkad Erev סיום + מפקד ערב
7:15 PM Nighttime Activity Nighttime Activity Puelat Erev פעולת ערב
8:30 PM Bunk Time Bunk Time Zman Tsrif זמן צריף
9:00 PM Younger Campers Time for Bed Bunk Time Laila Tov לילה טוב
9:30 PM Older Campers time for Bed Laila Tov לילה טוב