Sprout Brooklyn Day Camp

Welcome to Young Judaea Sprout Brooklyn Day Camp! 

Located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, we are a Hebrew infused camp for children entering PreK through grade 5. No Hebrew experience is necessary – just bring your smiles and a positive attitude!  

Experience the magic of Sprout Brooklyn- where children from diverse Jewish backgrounds converge to shape a joyous and inclusive community. Our programs are rooted in Jewish values, a deep connection to Israel and the Hebrew language feature a variety of activities, including swimming, robotics, sports, cooking, performing arts, visual arts, and creative play. All of this is seamlessly interwoven with dynamic experiential Jewish programming.   

Sprout Brooklyn, is where joy, growth, discovery, and community thrive. Join us for a summer filled with laughter, learning and building of lifelong friendships- Let the adventure begin!  

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At Sprout Brooklyn, we celebrate diversity and inclusion. We are open to campers from different races, non-traditional and interfaith families, as well as families from every sexual orientation and gender identity. Join us in creating a vibrant, welcoming community where each child’s unique journey is embraced. 


Program Description Entering
Group Name Group Name (Transliteration) Group Name (Hebrew)
The daily schedule for the Tukim is designed to help our youngest campers foster new relationships with peers and counselors in a full-day setting . Tukim campers will have a rest/nap time after lunch. Campers participate in daily rotating activities ranging from athletics, swimming, dance and arts, to cooking designed to introduce them to camp! Pre K Parrots Tukim תוכים
Kofim campers will explore all parts of camp! They will enjoy art, sports, swimming, cooking, and Israeli and Jewish culture activities. Each day after lunch they will have rest time and the option for a nap! K Monkeys Kofim קופים
Pilim campers are entering 1st grade and love all of their activities and their counselors! Like the other campers they will rotate through different activities including arts, sports, swimming, cooking, and Jewish and Israeli Culture activities! 1st Grade Elephants Pilim פילים
Tananim provides an enriching summer experience for our campers entering 2nd , who represent a healthy mix of new-to-camp and returning campers with a wide range of interests. They participate in daily rotating activities to experience the full range of the Sprout Brooklyn Day Camp curriculum. 2nd Grade Alligators Taninim תנינים
Panterim have an exciting schedule that rotates between cooking, arts, dance, Hebrew and Jewish Culture, swimming and many more fun activities! These campers are almost our oldest and are having fun creating lasting friendships with their peers! 3rd Grade Panthers Panterim פנתרים
Our oldest campers at Sprout Brooklyn rotate through all of the regular activities but have a little more independence and choice! They also have the option for an overnight at Sprout Lake, our sleepaway camp upstate! 4th-5th Grade Lions Arayot אריות