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Our Program: The Young Judaea Difference

Sprout Brooklyn, opened in the summer of 2015 in Red Hook and provides a new model of day camping, which includes skill building in the areas of swimming, sports, performing arts, crafts and robotics all interwoven with dynamic experiential Jewish programming and Hebrew. What distinguishes this camp is our holistic approach to Jewish and Israel education and child development.

Sprout Brooklyn is a special place that caters specifically to young children. Our age appropriate activities help each child achieve their full potential, while teaching them important skills like teamwork and relationship building. Our staff are a mix of college students and professionals who work at Sprout Brooklyn because they want to help make a difference in the lives of young children.

קייטנת ספראוט ברוקלין, שנפתחה בקיץ 2015 בשכונת רד-הוק, מהווה מודל חדש של מחנה יום, המציג גישה הוליסטית לחינוך יהודי ואהבת הארץ. הקייטנה מציעה מגוון רחב של פעילויות כמו שחיה, ספורט, אמנות, דרמה, ובישול, והכל תוך כדי שימוש בשפה העברית ובשילוב ערכים יהודיים כמו חברות, אחווה, תיקון עולם וערבות הדדית. ספראוט ברוקלין, היא מקום בו ילדים מרחבי הקשת היהודית חוברים יחדיו בכדי ליצור קהילה מיוחדת, המקנה לילדים כלים אשר יחברו אותם הן לקהילה היהודית והן למדינת ישראל.

Hebrew at Camp (דוּ לְשׁוֹנִי)


Sprout Brooklyn is proud to offer Brooklyn’s premier Dual Language Day Camp. Regardless of a camper’s Hebrew knowledge, our play-based curriculum makes Hebrew accessible to all. Our Israeli staff speak Hebrew to campers all throughout the day and campers participate in an immersive play based Hebrew activity periods multiple times a week. Your child will come home singing Hebrew songs, sharing new Hebrew words and with a new-found curiosity about the Hebrew language.

Swim  (שְׂחִיָּה)

"July 31, 2014: Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake (Session 2) in Verbank, New York."

Our swim program makes campers feel comfortable and safe in the water and teaches basic swim skills. Campers learn through a combination of free and instructional swim time. Our swim directors and pool staff are certified by the American Red Cross.

Water Play (משחקי מים)

On days when groups don’t swim, they enjoy our fun water playground as an interactive way to stay cool! Each week we bring in a special exciting waterslide or inflatable.

Sports (ספּוֹרט)

Our sports programs are designed and run by experienced instructors with an emphasis on safety, personal development and team spirit. Sports at Sprout Brooklyn is a chance for campers to be active, outside, and try new activities while working on skill development. Activities will vary by age group and by week. We play everything from relay races and tag, to soccer, basketball, kickball, and so much more.

Yoga & Martial Arts (יוגה וקרב מגע)

Our Yoga & Martial Arts program is a wonderful way for our campers to be active as they learn skills in stretching, focus & teamwork.

Robotics (רוֹבּוֹטִיקָה)

Campers have an opportunity to learn coding using our Wonder Workshop Dash Robots. Dash is smart enough to respond to voices and sounds and Dash can dance and sing, which makes for a fun and interactive learning experience for campers.

Campers also have a chance to make their own robots using recycled materials!

Art (אומנות )

In arts (Omanut) we explore campers’ artistic sides through paint, drawing, sculpture, mosaics and more. Campers will have the opportunity to explore different mediums and experiment with different artistic styles.

Drama (דְרָמָה)

In this program campers sample all parts of performing arts, including dance, song, and drama. Throughout the week campers work on skills through improv games and skit reading.  Our oldest campers dive deeper into drama, creating and performing their own skits for camp.

Music & Dance (שירה וריקוד)

Music and Dance are a key part of our Camp culture!

At music, campers learn about different instruments, while singing and learning songs in both English and Hebrew. At dance, campers experiment with multiple techniques, learning new and different ways to move their bodies. These activity periods are a wonderful time to learn new dances and songs. 

We also start and end each day with songs and Israeli dancing. Explore our camp playlist and dance videos. 


Science & Nature (טבע & מדע)

Science and Nature provide an opportunity to stimulate our campers senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing as they learn about the world around them. These activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage campers to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.

At science campers have the chance to learn about reactions, get messy, build towers, and more. While at nature, campers have a chance to explore the world and environment right around us and from afar.

Jewish & Israeli Culture (סיירות & עִבְרִית)


Jewish and Israel experiential education is interwoven into all of Sprout Brooklyn’s activities. The campers leave each day with a deeper connection to Israel or having discovered something new about their Jewish identity.

Campers also explore Israeli culture in their weekly activity called “sayarut” (scouting).  At Sayarut campers learn about Israel through the food, music, holidays, people, and more!