Sports & Athletics – ספורט

Our sports programs are designed and run by top level instructors with emphasis on safety, personal development and team spirit. Here are some of the many sports options at Sprout Lake: Softball, Street Hockey, Kickball, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Archery, Ga-Ga, Gymnastics, Ultimate Frisbee, Mini Golf and ping pong.

Arts & Crafts – אומנות

In arts (Omanut) we offer different projects including face masks, fashion design, printmaking, murals, tie-dye, mosaics, mezuzot, and Israeli decorations for their homes. We also offer an extensive ceramics program. Using brand new ceramic wheels, the campers learn how to make different kinds of pottery such as pots, mugs, and bowls.

Jewelry Making – תכשיטים

In Jewelry Making campers will experience high level jewelry making classes taught by a professional jeweler. Campers will make necklaces rings, bracelets, earring, pins and much more. Campers will work with many materials including resin, jewels, silver and gold plated items, and many other things.

Woodworking – נגרות

Campers will work with a master woodworker to create projects of their choice. This one our most popular activities!

Performing Arts – על הבמה 


In this program, campers sample all parts of performing arts, including dance (modern, traditional Israeli, and hip hop), song, drama, improv, video, and set design. Each camper who wants will have a chance to perform at one point during camp! Chanichim (Campers) will also learn modern Israeli songs and dances.

Challenge Adventure Activities – חבלים

Ropes course allows campers the chance to develop teamwork, strength, trust, and confidence on our state-of-the-art high and low ropes course. Run by trained and experienced staff members, campers will be “challenged by choice” while learning basic belaying and spotting techniques and overcoming personal and group challenges. Campers will also have the opportunity to ride our exciting zip line across the Sprout Lake river.

Pool & Water slide – בריכה

In our pool, we offer both recreational and instructional swim (for our younger groups). Our guards will teach a variety of strokes, including the front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly. We also offer water sports, such as Water Polo and Water Basketball and other pool games.

Gymnastics – התעמלות

Campers will learn and practice gymnastics with professional instructors in our well equipped gym. Beginners all the way to advanced gymnasts will enjoy our gymnastics program.

Outdoor Adventure Activities – טיולים

All of our campers will go on an out of camp hiking experience during each session. Campers will hike at a national park or state preserve, and then return to camp for a BBQ and have s’mores around a camp fire!

Nature Activities – סיירים

Campers learn about their environment, including the woods around them, the animals and plants that live there, and how to be responsible for the earth. We have an organic garden and greenhouse where the campers care for and harvest, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, hot peppers, various micro-greens and herbs, such as sage, basil and mint.

Petting Zoo – פינת חי

Campers have the opportunity to care for animals in our petting zoo. Our animals include alpacas, goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies and some interesting reptiles. We were so excited to welcome the newest member of the Sprout family in 2017, when our goat, Donut, gave birth to a baby boy, who the campers named Sprinkles!

Culinary Arts – בישול

Campers learn how to read and cook recipes. At the end of the summer, campers will complete their own cookbook that they can take home to use over and over again, throughout the year!

Out of Camps Trips – יום כיף

We provide three out of camp trips each session. Each age group will travel to a National Park to hike. All of our campers will go to either an amusement park, like Splash Down. Lastly, all campers will have the opportunity to leave camp on a volunteering trip within the local community. This trip is part of our Make A Difference program called MADIMOW.