Nevatim Society

Welcome to the Nevatim Society 

In Hebrew, the word nevatim means “sprouts,” the beginning stage of growth for a strong, healthy plant. At Sprout Camps, the Nevatim Society is a group of dedicated supporters who have given their time and financial resources to ensure that our community continues to thrive.

Members of the Nevatim Society include donors who have generously gifted $5,400 dollars or more annually. $5,400 is a multiple of 18, the number that signifies life and abundance in Judaism.

Belonging to the Nevatim Society means you are an active, philanthropic leader for Sprout Camps, who is instrumental in supporting our vision and mission.

Society membership includes:

  • Name recognition at camp
  • Semiannual briefings from the camp director
  • A visit to camp during the summer (beginning in 2022)

Nevatim Society gifts can be made in monthly, quarterly or annual installments.

For more information, please contact


Current 2021 Society members include:

Lois and Aron Kressel

Elaine and Norman Teitcher

Ronnie and Elliot Zolin

Andrew& Jana Ashkenase

Rachel and Jeff Greenberg

Karen and Don z”l Ashkenase

Rebecca Lieberman* and Jacob Wisse

Heather and Philip*  Kibel

Janet and Doron Krakow

Barbara Fox*

Sharon, Robert, Shelby, Hayley and Lyndsey Lipson

Nancy Goldman and Jonathan Littman

Anne Heyman z”l  and  Seth Merrin

Regina Klein and Noah Reiss

Robyn and Elie Reiss


*Denotes Current Board Member