A Typical Day


Camp begins between 8:45 AM and 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM. Each day begins and ends with community gatherings. Please see a sample schedule below.


We provide two healthy snacks per day. Campers must bring a Kosher (dairy) packed lunch each day.

Time Typical Day
9:00 Morning All-Camp Gathering (מִפְקָד)
9:30 Cooking (בִּישּׁוּל)
10:00 Robotics (רובוטיקה)
10:30 Snack (חָטִיף)
Change and walk to pool
11:00 Splash Playground
11:30 Swimming (שְׂחִיָה)
12:00 Walk to camp and change
12:30 Lunch (אֲרוּחַת צָהֳרִים)
1:15 Park
1:30 Sports (ספּוֹרט) at Park
2:00 Hebrew Immersion (עִבְרִית) at Park
2:30 Playground (גַן שַׁעֲשׁוּעִים) and Snack (חָטִיף)
3:15 Music (מוּסִיקָה)
3:45 Afternoon All-Camp Gathering (סִיּוּם)
4:00 Dismissal