Parent Testimonials

“From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you. We are simply blown away by the Sprout Lake experience. We could not imagine a better place for our daughter to be at this very moment in time.” -SH & EH

“We Can’t thank you enough for the incredible gift Sprout provides for our family. Thank you for continually reinforcing the values and dialogue that we believe in and try to promote in our home” – RB

“Thank you for all that you do to help mold our children into kind, caring, moral, educated, thoughtful, good and giving human beings.” -VG

“Send your kids here! Absolutely! It’s a great place; they’ll have a wonderful time. I can’t image there’s a kid who leaves this place disappointed. It’s just a beautiful, wonderful experience. The staff has fun here. I mean-it’s obvious that everybody is happy. And, they look like they have a lot of fun. I think that when the staff has fun, the kids have fun; they have fun together.” -SS

“I think the staff is very warm and welcoming. They are very good about making an uneasy child feel comfortable or for that matter, an uneasy parent. I was very nervous last summer. The camp mom immediately came over and told me that I could call her, and I actually did call her, and she knew who my child was. My child, of course, was having a fabulous time. I just think that all the staff just knows how to put each child at ease and then continue to give them a wonderful summer.” -KS

“I think CYJ Sprout Lake gives what other camps don’t give; it gives a sense of community, a family feeling, and it has the Jewish values and the Jewish piece in a really wonderful way that doesn’t feel like school.” –AG

“When we drop the kids off, I’m elated because I know they are coming to such a great place. And, when we pick them up, I’m sad. Not because I don’t want to see them, because I do, but because I know they are leaving a place that’s very important.” –RG

“There are a lot of options for Jewish camps. We really feel like Sprout Lake and Young Judaea do Jewish camping the best. And, we love it.” –BG

“They’re good people here, and I can tell you that my friends today are still from Young Judaea. But, I’m also especially drawn to the Israel component of Sprout Lake and warm environment it nurtures my children with.” –SD

“The background they [my children] get, and the history of Israel, and the fun they have, and everything else. I almost wish that my parents knew about it when I was a child. I wish that I could have gone [to CYJ Sprout Lake].” -DW

“If I can only give my children one Jewish expereince, it would be CYJ Sprout Lake. You get your best value here- your children come home inspired, feelings connected and proud to be Jewish!” – RD