The Torah Fund

In memory of Rabbi Danny Allen z”l

For years we have been grateful to borrow a sefer Torah from synagogues and partners in our community for the summer. There have been increasing moments when Sprout Lake would benefit from having its own Torah and so we set out in search of one. This Torah would be one that our campers could interact with and not just look at from afar. After much searching we have found our Torah. 

This Torah will compliment our newly commissioned amud (torah table), dedicated in memory of Rabbi Danny Allen. The art work that adorns the front was designed by our own Rosh Omanut (art director) Yifat Zezak. Each tile was created by a member of the staff and then came together for the final product. 

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Our goal is to raise $36,000 to cover the purchase cost, necessary repairs, and new garments for Sprout Lake’s first ever Torah.






About Danny:

Jewish summer camp was a central part of Danny’s identity and it was instilled in his family. This was combined with deep love of Israel, the Jewish People, and Jewish text. We honor Danny’s life by contributing to the repair of this historical scroll. The Torah will be used by generations of campers and staff participating in services, while building a deep connection to Judaism and Israel.

Click here to hear from Rabbi Elka Abrahamson, President of the Wexner Foundation, about how Danny guided  her and others to more deeply integrate Torah into their lives. The story was told as a part of a webinar through JPro in memory of Rabbi Danny Allen.