Graphic Design

Want to become a graphic designer? This is the way to go! Use a professional image editing app to composite images and apply awesome effects. Create amazing images which you’ll be able to print or send to friends & family!

Graphic Design Basics – Technical Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of Graphic design with Photopea online app
  • Tools & skills:
    • Navigation in document
    • Drawing tools – Brush, Bucket, Color picker, Eye dropper
    • Layers
    • Importing images from web
    • Selection tools
    • Text tool
    • Spot healing tool
  • Terms & Principles in Graphic Design – Pixels, resolution, Image formats, How graphic design can deliver a message.

Online Workshop Educational Goals:

  • Campers will develop the confidence to explore and create independently in their field of interests using technology
  • Campers will experience a positive and joyful learning process where they will feel safe to experience, to learn, and to succeed
  • Campers will express themselves, create & discover new ways to affect their surrounding world and their community.
  • Campers will discover more about Israel through the different activities they will experience in the workshop