Gaming from Scratch

Program your own game from scratch! Use the Scratch app and learn how to design characters, add cool backgrounds and write stories for an awesome new game. Let your imagination run wild as you create games that you can send to your friends and family

Gaming from Scratch – Technical  Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of Game programming with Scratch app 
  • Tools & skills:
    • Programming tools 
    • Opening users
    • Background story
    • Creating characters and editing existing figures 
    • Character animation 
    • Creating variables and pointing system 
    • Adding Text, characters, sounds, backgrounds and more
    • Finalizing your video game 
    • Exporting 
    • Share the link and play with your friends

Online Workshop Educational Goals:

  • Campers will develop the confidence to explore and create independently in their field of interests using technology
  • Campers will experience a positive and joyful learning process where they will feel safe to experience, to learn, and to succeed
  • Campers will express themselves, create & discover new ways to affect their surrounding world and their community.
  • Campers will discover more about Israel through the different activities they will experience in the workshop