Minecraft Gaming Lab

Did you ever wonder if you can play Fortnite INSIDE Minecraft? Take your Minecraft skills to the next level by creating mini-games inside Minecraft while getting familiar with coding in the NEW Minecraft gaming lab! In Minecraft Gaming lab you can create new adventures in a world designed by your imagination! #Minecraft #Gamelab #Coding

Online Workshop Educational Goals:

  • Campers will develop the confidence to explore and create independently in their field of interest using technology
  • Campers will experience a positive and joyful learning process where they will feel safe to experience, to learn, and to succeed
  • Campers will express themselves, create & discover new ways to affect their surrounding world and their community.
  • Campers will discover more about Israel through the different activities they will experience in the workshop

Minecraft Gaming Lab Basics – Professional Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of Minecraft 
  • Tools & skills:
    • Creating and designing levels 
    • Learning new techniques of Minecraft problem solving 
    • Building environments 
    • Creating resource packs
    • Designing characters
    • Learning planning skills and design principles