COVID Protocols Summer 2022

COVID Policies 2022

As of June 14, 2022

As a Jewish community, we’re committed to the value of ‘Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Ba’Zeh’ – ‘All of Israel are responsible for one another’ and aim to create an environment where our entire community joins together for a safe, healthy, and successful summer.


Are COVID vaccinations required of campers and staff members?
As we’ve previously shared, all COVID vaccine-eligible campers (those 5 years of age and older) and staff members must complete the primary COVID vaccination series and receive a booster vaccine (campers & staff 12 years of age and older) prior to the beginning of the summer camp season. COVID vaccination cards must be uploaded to your CampInTouch Account.

Campers who turn 5 shortly before the summer season begins must show proof that they’ve begun the vaccination process.

What if my child had COVID in the last 90 days? Do they still need to get vaccinated?
Yes. According to the CDC they should receive the vaccine once they are without symptoms and the quarantine period has ended. The natural immunity and antibodies from past COVID infection do NOT replace the vaccines at decreasing illness from future variants.

Pre Camp Testing:

Will pre-camp testing be required?  Yes, prior to the start of each session, (or before your camper’s first day of camp), we require all campers to take an antigen test before traveling to camp.

Will there be a daily screening tool this summer?  We do not anticipate using a daily screening tool. We rely on parents to keep their campers’ home if they are not feeling 100% well. Campers who arrive at camp with symptoms of illness, or develop symptoms during the day, will need to be picked up from camp.

What other precautions will camp be taking? Sprout Camps continue to make health and safety our number one priority.  In addition to having a full-time health director as part of our leadership team, our medical advisory committee provides guidance on all elements of our camp operation. While we hold nearly our entire programmatic day outdoors, we continue to benefit from the incredible facility upgrades at the Basis School which includes increased ventilation and enhanced sanitization procedures.


What if campers or staff members test positive for COVID?
If campers or staff members test positive for COVID via antigen or PCR, they are required to stay at home (isolate) for 5 days. If they are asymptomatic and fever free, they may return to camp on Day 6 (pending approval of our medical staff) after they have 1 negative antigen test on the morning of Day 6 and will be required to mask for 5 additional days while indoors.

We will notify camper families if your camper is considered to have been in close contact of the positive case.


What happens if there is a confirmed exposure, and the camper or staff member remains asymptomatic?

  • If the camper or staff member is vaccinated and asymptomatic, they may continue to come to camp, and no quarantine is required. They must mask indoors for 10 days as per CDC recommendation. They must also take an antigen test on day 3 and day 5 after the exposure.
  • If the camper is unvaccinated (under 5) and asymptomatic:
    • If they were exposed by a family member who has tested positive, they must quarantine for 5 days from exposure at home, then return to camp while continuing to mask for five additional days. A PCR test required on day 5 prior to returning to camp.
    • If they were exposed at camp, therefore mainly outdoors, they may remain in camp and “test to stay” per New York State protocols. Masks will be required while indoors for 5 days. Two antigen tests will be required on day 3 and day 5 after the exposure.

What happens if there is a confirmed exposure, and the camper or staff member is symptomatic?

  • If the camper is symptomatic, they may return when asymptomatic for 24 hours without medication AND show 2 negative antigen tests from day 1 and 3 after exposure, OR a negative PCR after symptoms subside for 24 hours. Upon return they must mask as above.


Will masks be required at camp?

  • Following NYC guidelines, masks will be optional indoors during the summer for all campers, regardless of vaccination status.

If prevalence becomes higher, it is possible that our medical committee or the local health department may require masking. 

Masks for all groups will continue to be optional when campers are outdoors, which is most of our camp day.

Will some people wear masks at camp this summer? 
Yes. Diverse practices in our camp community will be honored and respected. There are many different reasons for masking, including: personal preference, discretion of the camp medical staff, immunosuppressed family members at home, and chronic illness.

Are masks required on the bus? 

Masks will be highly encouraged, but are optional while our campers are traveling on a bus.