Web Design

Get yourself online! Develop your first website and add images, backgrounds, and links. Design the structure of the website with your favorite content. Make your website unique and publish it on the internet for everybody to surf!

Web Design Basics – Technical Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of Web Design with WIX online app
  • Tools & skills:
    • Working with online website builder
    • Templates
    • Creating Pages & Menus
    • Headers & Footers
    • Adding Text, Buttons, Shapes, Images, Videos, Background, Hyper-Links
    • Boxes
    • Galleries
    • Organizing your website
    • Publishing your website
    • Mobile Compatibility

Online Workshop Educational Goals:

  • Campers will develop the confidence to explore and create independently in their field of interests using technology
  • Campers will experience a positive and joyful learning process where they will feel safe to experience, to learn, and to succeed
  • Campers will express themselves, create & discover new ways to affect their surrounding world and their community.
  • Campers will discover more about Israel through the different activities they will experience in the workshop