Summer 2020 Update

Letter From the Executive Director

Dear Sprout Lake Family,

This is the letter that no one in the Sprout Lake community wants to write nor ever receive, and yet, here we are. With each breaking news story, this pandemic has forced us to deal with many challenges that are simply out of our control. It breaks my heart to tell you that Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake will be canceling all sessions for the Summer of 2020.

We did not take this decision lightly. As your partner, our first priority is the health and safety of our children and our community. We have painstakingly evaluated every scenario to open camp while staying true to that commitment. Similarly, we had to uphold the commitment to give your children the meaningful, transformative, and fun Summer they deserve. When the CDC began advising of a new COVID-19 associated condition in children, known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome, we came to the difficult conclusion that at this time, there is no pathway forward for this Summer. As hard as it is for me to share this news with you, I understand that it will be harder for you to share this news with your children. We understand how disappointing this is for you, your children, and the entire community. We want you to know that Sprout is not going anywhere, and we are here with you through this challenging time.

To help your family navigate through this announcement, we have a few resources to help:

1. Parent Town Hall: Tonight, Wednesday, May 20th at 7:30 pm, we are hosting a Zoom Town Hall for you to hear more about our decision making process and the future of Sprout Lake. Click here to join meeting 815 9685 8463 Password: Sprout

2. Camp-wide Virtual Kabbalat Shabbat: On Friday, May 22nd at 5:30 pm please join us for this very special Kabbalat Shabbat. This is time for our community to be together.
Click here to join meeting 868 3744 6236 Password: Shabbat

3. Resources on Financial Options: On Wednesday, May 27th you will receive a detailed email with financial options for your camp tuition, including options to donate, roll over to next year, or receive a full refund. On this resource, you will be able to learn more about JCamp 180’s one-time matching grant being offered to double every tuition dollar donated back to camp.

4. Sprout @ Home: Since early March, when New York began to Shelter in Place, Sprout Camps pivoted into Sprout @ Home, our online resource center. We will continue to offer enriching virtual programming to keeping our community connected and bring some of that Sprout Lake spirit to your homes.

5. Camper Meetings: Beginning Sunday May 24th, Sprout Lake will be hosting meetings for our campers to talk with our full-time staff about camps closure. We will have these meetings by aidah (age group). This will be an opportunity for our campers to connect with Talia, Marta, Tyler, and myself.

On a very personal note, I have spent the last 20 years directing Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake. I was married in the camp synagogue, and my children took their first steps in the main bunk area. I know what it feels like during the months of June through August to think of camp as the only possible place to spend the Summer. I simply cannot imagine a Summer without waking up on a brisk morning to watch our children raise the flag and sing Hatikvah, or learn to swim or dance, or kick that soccer ball, or ask me when we’ll be surprising them with Maccabiah. I can’t imagine not being there to witness them reach an incredible milestone of independence or give a high five to a new friend. And I am saddened at the thought of missing our camp wide Siyum at the close of each day. Those words seem even more important during these trying times:

Shelter us beneath thy wings, oh Adonai
Guard us from all harmful things, oh Adonai
Keep us safe throughout the night, until we wake with the morning’s light.
Teach us G-d, wrong from right.

Watching our campers sing these words as they put their arms around each other nourishes my soul and reminds me of the good in the world, and of the gratitude I have for each day.

Most importantly, I can imagine where we go from here. The day will come again when our children will return outdoors, free of fear or sickness. They will run and play throughout Sprout Lake with laughter and joy. I can envision that day when all of our hearts have mended because we are all once again reunited—back at camp.

I pray for the world to heal, for those in pain to be comforted, and for our children to be carefree children again.

Until we meet again, or – L’hitraot,


Executive Director

Young Judaea Sprout Camps

Date Time Event Grade Fall 2020 Zoom Info
5/20 7:30 PM Town Hall Meeting Link
5/22 5:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat Link
5/24 12:00 PM Kesher Girls Meeting 7th Link
5/24 1:00 PM Kesher Boys Meeting 7th Link
5/24 2:00 PM Tsofim Girls Meeting 5th-6th Link
5/24 3:00 PM Tsofim Boys Meeting 5th-6th Link
5/25 11:00 AM Bogrim Meeting 8th Link
5/25 7:30 PM Hadracha Plus Meeting 11th Link
5/26 5:00 PM Offarim Boys Meeting 2nd-4th Link
5/26 6:00 PM Offarim Girls Meeting 2nd-4th Link
5/27 Financial Options letter sent out